Elisabeth Waldo- Maracatú

Elisabeth Waldo- Maracatú

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Label: Pleasure For Music

Reissued 8/13/2021, Originally released 1959

Pleasure For Music present a reissue of Elisabeth Waldo's Maracatù, originally released in 1959. Maracatù marked the beginning of Elisabeth Waldo's individual creative path. A unique musical exploration of Indigenous Central and South American music tradition. The music of violinist Elisabeth Waldo evokes the spirit of an ancient, mysterious world of Afro-Hispanic origins. A dazzling exotic sound tapestry performed on acoustic instruments including violins, woodwinds, guitar and percussion. In one word: Magic!

Track listing:

  1. Siembra
  2. Carnavalito
  3. I Coos
  4. Cueca
  5. Cancion Del Carretero
  6. Maracatú
  7. Tun-Kul
  8. Tamborito
  9. Seri Lullaby
  10. La Llorona
  11. Indian Procession
  12. Malaguena