Elliott- False Cathedrals
Elliott- False Cathedrals

Elliott- False Cathedrals

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Label: Revelation

Reissued 11/11/2022, Originally released 2000

Elliott's debut full-length, "U.S. Songs," was released in June of 1998 to critical acclaim while winning the hearts of the independent music world. After a year and a half of touring and songwriting, the band found themselves in Los Angeles recording "False Cathedrals" with accomplished producer/engineer Toby Miller (Wallflowers, Korn, Fiona Apple). Far surpassing and all but abandoning their post-hardcore roots, Elliott created a sophisticated and elegant rock album of epic proportions.

Track listing:

  1. Voices
  2. Calm Americans
  3. Blessed By Your Own Ghost
  4. Drive on to Me
  5. Calvary Song
  6. Lipstick Stigmata
  7. Dying Midwestern
  8. Shallow Like Your Breath
  9. Superstitions in Travel
  10. Carving Oswego
  11. Lie Close
  12. Speed of Film