Elliott Smith- Elliott Smith (25th Anniversary)

Elliott Smith- Elliott Smith (25th Anniversary)

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Label: Kill Rock Stars

Reissued 9/24/2021, Originally released 1995

When you hear it Elliott's way you know it to be true. "Everything is exactly right when I walk around here drunk every night with an open container from 7-11, in St. Ides Heaven." 25th Anniversary Remastered audio pressed on deep purple vinyl. Exclusive to Independent Record Stores.

Track listing:

  1. Needle In The Hay 
  2. Christian Brothers 
  3. Clementine 
  4. Southern Belle 
  5. Single File 
  6. Coming Up Roses 
  7. Satellite 
  8. Alphabet Town 
  9. St. Ides Heaven 
  10. Good To Go 
  11. The White Lady Loves You More 
  12. The Biggest Lie