Entrance- Book of Changes

Entrance- Book of Changes

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Label: Thrill Jockey

Released 2017

Book of Changes, the new album by Guy Blakeslee as ENTRANCE, is a poetic song cycle about the seasons of the heart, tracing an emotional journey through longing and emptiness to peace and redemption. The record achieves a seamless melding of the personal, political and philosophical, a vibrant document of an artist hitting a creative stride and discovering an expansive new sound. The adventurously produced collection of songs is reminiscent of TOWNES VAN ZANDT’s ruminative lyricism and the gypsy flavored orchestral explorations of ARTHUR LEE and LOVE, uniquely channeled through Blakeslee’s 21st Century approach to the spiritual dimensions of American songwriting in a way that gives an old form new power. On the new recording, Blakeslee is joined by several very talented friends including longtime collaborator Paz Lenchantin (PIXIES, SILVER JEWS) and percussionist Frank Lenz (PEDRO THE LION, The WEEPIES) as well as vocalists Jessica Tonder and Lael Neale and the drummers Derek James and Will Scott. The accompanying art by critically acclaimed artist Amanda Charchian captures Blakeslee with freshly blossomed orchids.

Track Listing:

  1. Warm And Wild 1:41
  2. Always The Right Time 3:32
  3. I'd Be A Fool 4:19
  4. Summer's Child 5:34
  5. The Avenue 4:36
  6. Molly 5:23
  7. Winterlude 0:43
  8. Winter Lady 4:32
  9. Leaving California 4:55
  10. Revolution Eyes 6:36