Erasure- Day-Glo (Based On A True Story)

Erasure- Day-Glo (Based On A True Story)

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Label: Mute

Released 8/12/2022

Limited Edition Day-Glo Green Vinyl! Mute is excited to announce Erasure's album Day-Glo (Based On A True Story). An unexpected album, featuring 10 brand new songs, each track created using elements from The Neon universe. Familiar but unexpected, the songs bear little resemblance to the original album, although echoes of The Neon can be heard from time to time. The album is an alternative look at Vince and Andy's world, and marks the closure of this chapter of The Neon.

Track listing:

  1. Based on a True Story
  2. Bop Beat
  3. Pin-Prick
  4. The Conman
  5. Now
  6. Inside Out
  7. Harbour of My Heart
  8. 3 Strikes and You're Out
  9. The Shape of Things
  10. The End