Fang- Landshark

Fang- Landshark

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Label: Boner

Reissued 2014, Originally released 1983

The classic 1983 hardcore scuzz rock debut from Berkeley, CA’s Fang, Landshark is a unique mix of erratic thrashers and slow Sabbath-oid noise riffs. Its best-known tune is without a doubt the rumbling and stumbling opening track “The Money Will Roll Right In,” which has been covered by Nirvana, Metallica, Mudhoney, The Butthole Surfers and god knows who else. The record also includes cheerful odes to the disabled (“Destroy the Handicapped”), the follicle-y challenged (“Skinheads Smoke Dope”), and assorted werewolves, delinquents and drug users.

Track listing:

  1. The Money Will Roll Right in
  2. Land Shark
  3. Law & Order
  4. Diary of a Mad Werrwoulf
  5. Destroy the Handicapped
  6. Drunk & Crazy
  7. An Invitation
  8. Skinheads Smoke Dope