G.B.H.- City Baby's Revenge

G.B.H.- City Baby's Revenge

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Label: Radiation

Reissued 2/11/2022, Originally released 1983

Italian Import

After the chart-topping debut City Baby Attacked By Rats, Birmingham 'UK82' punk pioneers Charged G.B.H. cut City Baby's Revenge, their second release for Clay Records, and even though a mere year had passed, City Baby's Revenge showed significant progression, Jock's guitar more obviously inspired by metal, the lyrics more explicit and the sound even rawer than before. With a cool take of the Stooges' 'I Feel Alright' and the reggae/rockabilly-esque 'Skanga,' this acclaimed winner is the LP that broke the band in the USA and is arguably the best they ever recorded required listening for the band's devotees and all fans of metal-edged hardcore.

Track listing:

  1. Diplomatic Immunity
  2. Drugs Party In 526
  3. See The Man Run
  4. Vietnamese Blues
  5. Womb With A View
  6. The Forbidden Zone
  7. Valley Of Death
  8. City Babys Revenge
  9. Pins And Needles
  10. Christianised Cannibals
  11. Faster Faster
  12. High Octane Fuel
  13. I Feel Alright 
  14. Skanga (Herby Weed)