Gang of Four- Entertainment!

Gang of Four- Entertainment!

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Label: Matador

Reissued 4/23/21, originally released 1979

Propelled by a political mission and some wicked bass playing, the Gang of Four released 'Entertainment' in 1979. Though king sings, "two steps forward, six steps back" (in 'at home he's a tourist'), the only reason Gang of Four could have for stepping back is that they are so far ahead of the curve. This record is - without question - one of the most important records from the post punk era. #and, while the album's title was almost certainly intended as sarcasm, this is also a really good listen.

Track Listing:

  1. Ether
  2. Natural's Not in It
  3. Not Great Men
  4. Damaged Goods
  5. Return the Gift
  6. Guns Before Butter
  7. I Found That Essence Rare
  8. Glass
  9. Contract
  10. At Home He's a Tourist
  11. 5-45
  12. Anthrax