Jad & David Fair- Halloween Songs

Jad & David Fair- Halloween Songs

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Label: Kill Rock Stars

Reissued 9/24/2021, Originally released 2008

Seasons Greetings From Jad and David Fair! The Fair brothers have written more songs than The Rolling Stones and Beatles combined. Their subject matter once limited only to love and monster songs has expanded to a depth and range equal to that of the majestic Rocky Mountains. This year they're back with 21 brand new Halloween songs. Rip up your movie tickets and park your car, Daddy. There are 21 new reasons to stay home. If Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi wrote songs they would've sounded like this. 21 new songs about cackling witches, blood thirsty vampires and the walking dead. 21 songs to chill your flesh and blast shivers down your spine. You can shut your eyes and wish but it won't go away. 21 reasons to squirm. 21 reasons to leave the lights on. Play it if you dare and change your life forever. Whistle these in the graveyard, Tough Guy.

Track listing:

  1. Ghost Shout
  2. Full Sized Candy Bars
  3. New Babysitter 
  4. Breeze Is Full Of Spirits 
  5. Bride Of Frankenstein 
  6. Ghost House 
  7. Grave Mistake 
  8. Don't Answer The Door 
  9. Ghost Show 
  10. Zombie King 
  11. I Married A Vampire 
  12. Mary 
  13. Put The Pumpkin On The Table 
  14. Sitting With A Ghost 
  15. Snakes And Ladders 
  16. There's An Empty Grave Waiting 
  17. Trick Or Treat Country 
  18. Trick Or Treat 
  19. Wakened Dead Are Dancing 
  20. Witches Round A Cauldron 
  21. Robert Johnson