Janis Joplin- Farewell Song
Janis Joplin- Farewell Song

Janis Joplin- Farewell Song

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Label: Music On Vinyl

Reissued 7/7/2023, Originally released 1982

Farewell Song is a 1982 collection by rock & roll icon Janis Joplin, featuring live performances and alternate studio outtakes. The album includes recordings with her bands Big Brother and the Holding Company and the Kozmic Blues Band. Some of this collection’s highlights include a studio recording of ''One Night Stand'' (produced by Todd Rundgren) and a rendition of Sam Andrews’ poignant ''Farewell Song (Live)''. It also features the song ''Catch Me Daddy,'' taken from a Cheap Thrills recording session. For this release, the producer enhanced the original tracks by replacing the band’s original instrumental recordings with those of studio musicians to highlight what can be considered some of Joplin’s most inspired studio vocals.

Track listing:

  1. Tell Mama (Live)
  2. Magic of Love (Live)
  3. Misery 'N
  4. One Night Stand
  5. Harry
  6. Raise Your Hand (Live)
  7. Farewell Song (Live)
  8. Medley: Amazing Grace / Hi Heel Sneakers (Live)
  9. Catch Me Daddy