Japanese Breakfast- Soft Sounds From Another Planet

Japanese Breakfast- Soft Sounds From Another Planet

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Label: Dead Oceans

Released 2017

Japanese Breakfast's 'Soft Sounds From Another Planet' is less of a concept album about space exploration so much as it is a mood board come to life. Over the course of 12 tracks, Michelle Zauner explores a sonic landscape of her own design, one that's big enough to contain her influences. There are songs on this album that recall the pathos of Roy Orbison’s ballads, while others could soundtrack a cinematic drive down one of Blade Runner's endless skyways. Zauner's voice is capacious; one moment she's serenading the past, the next she's robotically narrating a love story over sleek monochrome, her lyrics more pointed and personal than ever before. While 'Psychopomp' was a genre-spanning introduction to Japanese Breakfast, this visionary sophomore album launches the project to new heights.

Track listing:

  1. Diving Woman 
  2. Road Head 
  3. Machinist 
  4. Planetary Ambience 
  5. Soft Sounds From Another Planet 
  6. Boyish 
  7. 12 Steps 
  8. Jimmy Fallon Big! 
  9. The Body Is A Blade 
  10. Till Death 
  11. This House 
  12. Here Come The Tubular Bells