Jared Grabb- Domain
Jared Grabb- Domain

Jared Grabb- Domain

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Label: Thinker

Released 10/21/2022

BABY BLUE VINYL! 'Domain' marks twenty years and six original albums under Jared Grabb’s own name as a recording singer/songwriter. 'Domain' was recorded at home while the news cycle reminded us daily of the dangers of the world outside our front doors. The stories contained in this collection of modern Americana tell of the anxieties of our people in these recent turbulent years.

Track listing:

  1. Life Of Absolutes
  2. Romantic Like Before
  3. Hard Things
  4. Since You
  5. Stroll
  6. Lay Down You Arms
  7. Morton, Mississippi
  8. I Am Afraid
  9. Drove
  10. Bought And Sold