Karate- In Place Of Real Insight

Karate- In Place Of Real Insight

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Label: Numero

Reissued 9/17/2021, Originally released 1997

Imagine yourself young... reaching into the crammed glove compartment of a 155,000-mile Honda Civic for a skated CD copy of Karate’s 1997 sophomore album In Place of Real Insight. Pensive moods blossom into feverish rollicking, gracefully tip-toeing around aggressive punk explosions without getting bent out of shape, stretching out slowcore’s quietest reveries till their reflective notes sound ripped from an improvisational jazz session. Imagine yourself dumb... a rumble-proof Discman with cassette adapter balances between the emergency brake and ashtray. Here comes your ride.

Track listing:

  1. This, Plus Slow Song
  2. New Martini
  3. Wake Up, Decide
  4. It's 98 Stop
  5. New New
  6. The New Hangout Condition
  7. On Cutting
  8. Die Die
  9. Today or Tomorrow