Leftöver Crack- Mediocra Generica

Leftöver Crack- Mediocra Generica

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Label: Hellcat

Reissued, Originally released 2001

Saddled with one of those names that sounds like it was a late-night joke that ended up accidentally sticking, New York punks LEFTOVER CRACK at least have the self-possession and sense of humor to stick a SPINAL TAP-esque umlaut in their logo. Musically blending crusty hardcore punk, ska, and some tongue-in-cheek death metal influences, LEFTOVER CRACK are best described in terms of their unapologetically leftist rabble-rousing politics. LEFTOVER CRACK formed in 2000, as their parent band, CHOKING VICTIM, was breaking up. The group is based around a core lineup of singer, songwriter, and instigator Stza (Scott Sturgeon), guitarist Ezra Kire, and bassist Alec Baille, with a revolving-door drum stool that has included J.P. Otto, Brandon Possible, and Ara Babajian, who splits his time between LEFTOVER CRACK and his own more traditional ska-punk group, the SLACKERS.

Track listing:

  1. Homeo-Apathy 
  2. Nazi White Trash
  3. Atheist Anthem 
  4. The Good, The Bad & The Leftöver Crack 
  5. Gay Rude Boys Unite 
  6. NC 
  7. Interlude 
  8. Stop The Insanity 
  9. Crack City Rockers 
  10. Burning In Water 
  11. With The Sickness 
  12. Born To Die
  13. Untitled