Loose Fur- Born Again In The USA

Loose Fur- Born Again In The USA

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Label: Drag City

Released 2006

LOOSE FUR emerges from a three-year hibernation and throws down another powerhouse album of all-American rock and roll. The trio of JEFF TWEEDY (WILCO), GLENN KOTCHE (WILCO, ON FILLMORE), and JIM O'ROURKE (LOGGINS & MESSINA) give everything they've got on ten songs that run from twin electric guitar harmonies and stop-on-a-dime rhythms to breezy acoustics, whistling, a well of vibes, and beyond.

Track listing:

  1. Hey Chicken
  2. The Ruling Class
  3. Answers To Your Questions
  4. Apostolic
  5. Stupid As The Sun
  6. Pretty Sparks
  7. An Ecumenical Matter
  8. Thou Shalt Wilt
  9. Wreckroom
  10. Wanted