Low- Trust

Low- Trust

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Label: Kranky

Reissued 11/19/2021, Originally released 2002

The ninth full-length album from slo-mo beauty dealers LOW, and the band's most assertive and expansive release to date. Thirteen tracks recorded in Minneapolis with TOM HERBERT and mixed in London by TCHAD BLAKE (Latin Playboys, Lisa Germano, Pearl Jam), and featuring guest vocals on two tracks by GERRY BECKLEY of 1970s soft-rock giants AMERICA, and banjo work from MARC GARTMAN.

Track listing:

  1. (That's How You Sing) Amazing Grace
  2. Canada
  3. Candy Girl
  4. Time Is The Diamond
  5. Tonight
  6. The Lamb
  7. In The Drugs
  8. Last Snowstorm Of The Year
  9. John Prine
  10. Little Argument With Myself
  11. La La La Song
  12. Point Of Disgust 
  13. Shots & Ladders