M&R Rush- Good-Bye City Lights

M&R Rush- Good-Bye City Lights

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Label: Color Red

Released 12/9/2022

'Good-Bye City Lights' is the sixth release by Chicago-based recording artists M&R Rush that resonates loud and clear with the group's Windy City upbringing. With all members growing up on the Southside of Chicago, the 5-track EP is a musical and lyrical ode to the city that serves as a time capsule for their multi-decade-spanning career. M&R Rush prides themselves on their deep roots and camaraderie with their friends, family, and love of music and you can feel the positive vibes radiate in their songs. With a cohesive and seamless sound built around unforgettable melodies, a driving rhythm section, blazing guitars, and the group's trademark four-part harmonies, M&R Rush is a genuine team effort and their bond is evident in the music they create. 'Goodbye City Lights' is the group's debut record on Color Red that will be released worldwide in fall 2022.

Track listing:

  1. Good-Bye City Lights
  2. Time Waits for No One
  3. Find a Way
  4. Bring Some Love Tonight
  5. Don't Stop