Madlib- High Jazz - Medicine Show #7
Madlib- High Jazz - Medicine Show #7

Madlib- High Jazz - Medicine Show #7

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Label: Madlib Invazion

Reissued 12/9/2022, Originally released 2010

The seventh installment in his Madlib Medicine Show, a jazz album with his Yesterdays New Quintet called High Jazz. Madlib’s been busy this year. And while his recorded output always spans the gamut, he often returns to recurrent themes, spread across the genres that serve as home base – or bases, as it were. Jazz is one such base. With High Jazz, Madlib begins anew – offering familiar jazz sounds from a series of “new” groups from his ever-augmenting cosmos. Call it “Yesterdays Galaxy.” High Jazz, the name itself a tribute to the landmark jazz-fusion album released by Stanton Davis’s Ghetto Mysticism in 1976, shows a marked development in Madlib’s craft. Every element of jazz is there. Is that tune modal-funk? Was that song psych-fusion? Was that a bossa-tinged run or another kind of latin-affair? Where did that sitar come from? Madlib's Yesterdays-excursions are never easy to categorize and that’s the point – while experiencing chops like these, the desire to rigidly define takes a back seat to aural pleasure.

Track listing:

  1. The Jackson Conti Band Steppin’ Into Tomorrow (Prelude) 
  2. Generation Match Electronic Dimensions 
  3. Jahari Massamba Unit Pretty Eyes 
  4. The Kenny Cook Octet High Jazz 
  5. Yesterdays New Quintet Medley: Don't You Worry Bout A Thing (Live At Spear For The Moondog) 
  6. Madlib Interlude 
  7. The Big Black Foot Band Reality Or Dream 
  8. Russell Jenkins Jazz Express Drunk Again 
  9. Poyser, Riggins & Jackson Funky Butt, Part 1 
  10. Jahari Massamba Unit Wonderin'/Nightime 
  11. R.M.C. Space & Time 
  12. Yesterdays New Quintet Conquistador 
  13. The Big Black Foot Band Tarzan's Theme 
  14. Madlib Interlude 
  15. Joe McDuphrey Experience Kimo