Maps- Vicissitude

Maps- Vicissitude

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Label: Mute

Released 7/16/13

2013 release from Indie/Alt-Rock musician James Chapman AKA Maps. With Chapman as the sole creative force behind the music, every Maps album is defined entirely by where his head was at during the recording process. Vicissitude is Maps' latest triumph-showcasing Chapman's spoils from his continuous battle to dig deep, confront reality and conquer new musical territory. As with previous releases, Vicissitude was primarily recorded at Maps home in Northampton and was mixed by Ken Thomas (Sugarcubes, M83, Sigur Ros) and Jolyon Thomas. Vicissitude focuses, tightens and sharpens Maps' expansive sound. The album might have been born from a long period of self-contemplation, but maybe you do need a while to get simple answers to the difficult questions.

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