Miles Davis- The Man With The Horn

Miles Davis- The Man With The Horn

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Label: Get On Down

Reissued 11/18/2022, Originally released 1981

THE RETURN!!! After a 9 year hiatus from recording studio albums, Miles Davis returned in 1981 with a bang. Continuing the abstract improvisational funk pioneered by the Miles Davis live electric band, Miles came back with a fresh cast. While there are plenty of new players on this recording it captures the moody long-song format from the mid- 70s live electric band. The album features R&B legend Marcus Miller on bass, Mike Stern on guitar, electric band alumni Al Foster on drums, and many more. Produced and edited by long term Miles Davis collaborator Teo Macero.

Track listing:

  1. Fat Time
  2. Back Seat Betty
  3. Shout (Glenn Burris, Randy Hall, Robert Irving III)
  4. Aïda
  5. The Man with the Horn
  6. Ursula