Mount Eerie- Wind's Poem

Mount Eerie- Wind's Poem

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Label: P.W. Elverum & Sun

Released 2009

Wind’s Poem contains the densest sound so far on any Mount Eerie album. Some songs are maximal. Others less. It is a long album that drifts through atmospheres, “black metal” some people have thought, “twin peaks” others have thought, looking at the lights of town through the trees on the walk home in the evening and thinking “what is that dream world to me?”

Track listing:

  1. Wind's Dark Poem 
  2. Through The Trees 
  3. My Heart Is Not At Peace 
  4. The Hidden Stone 
  5. Wind Speaks 
  6. Summons 
  7. The Mouth Of Sky 
  8. Between Two Mysteries 
  9. Ancient Questions 
  10. (Something) 
  11. Lost Wisdom Pt. 2 
  12. Stone's Ode