Mr. T Experience- Shards Volume 2

Mr. T Experience- Shards Volume 2

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Label: Sounds Rad

Released 2018

Mr. T Experience, Shards Vol 2. is the second of a two-volume collection of rarities, live tracks and outtakes-versions of songs previously scattered on any numerous of B-sides, and compilations. Shards Vol 2. is the first-time that these tracks have been assembled in a complete format-a must for fans and collectors of Mr. T Experience's catalog of songs. The Mr. T Experience (sometimes abbreviated MTX) is a punk rock band formed in 1985 in Berkeley, California. They have released eleven full-length albums along with numerous EPs and singles and have toured internationally. Their music is best classified as pop punk and is intentionally playful, comical, and satirical, often dealing with issues of love and relationships.

Track Listing:

  1. We Are The Future People Of Tomorrow 2:36
  2. Is There Something I Should Know? 3:41
  3. Crash 1:57
  4. T-Shirt Commercial 1:09
  5. Vive La France 1:09
  6. Time For Your Medicine 2:53
  7. Hello Kitty Menendez 1:46
  8. How'd The Date End? 2:37
  9. Told You Once 0:11
  10. Don't Go Away Go Go Girl 2:29
  11. Another Yesterday 2:27
  12. Gilman Street 3:05
  13. I Ain't Gonna Be History 1:11
  14. Look Back And Crack 3:00
  15. God Bless Lawrence Livermore 1:10
  16. King Dork (Forward ’til Death version) 2:38