My Idea- Cry Mfer

My Idea- Cry Mfer

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Label: Hardly Art

Released 5/6/2022

​​The closer you are to someone, the crueler you can treat them, but if they love you, they’re inclined to forgive you. My Idea’s Lily Konigsberg and Nate Amos forgive each other now, but they were in a bad way when they recorded CRY MFER — which is not to say their debut album is some kind of sonic bum out. CRY MFER proves you can still make pop music while spiraling, as evidenced by the existence of “Breathe You,” a bop all about fucking Nate constructed while “high as shit in my room making fun of Justin Bieber,” the vocals of which Lily tracked while “blindly sad” and “genuinely devastated.”

Track listing:

  1. Cry Mfer
  2. Crutch
  3. Baby I'm the Man
  4. Lily's Phone
  5. Breathe You
  6. Not Afraid Anymore
  7. Yea
  8. One Tree Hell (FT. Thanks for Coming)
  9. I Can't Dance Part 2
  10. Pretty You
  11. I Should Have Never Generated You
  12. Popstar
  13. Yr a Blur