N.E.R.D.- In Search Of...

N.E.R.D.- In Search Of...

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Label: Virgin

Released 10/22/02

PHARRELL WILLIAMS and CHAD HUGO (The NEPTUNES) have been the hottest producers in urban/pop music for years now. On their debut as performers they take a left turn from the hard hitting tracks they've produced for everyone from JAY-Z to BRITNEY SPEARS and give us a fresh, innovative, classic record. "In Search Of" is the debut album from the hip-hop, rock, funk band N.E.R.D (No One Every Really Dies). The group is comprised of super producers PHARRELL WILLIAMS and CHAD HUGO, along with their longtime friend Shay Haley. Fusing rock and rap more forcefully and convincingly than any other album at the time, In Search Of... successfully bridges the worlds of Pop/R&B and Alternative/Classic Rock into a blessed union of sound, making it one of the best albums of 2002.

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