OST [C418]- Minecraft Volume Alpha
OST [C418]- Minecraft Volume Alpha

OST [C418]- Minecraft Volume Alpha

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Label: Ghostly International

Released 2015

Minecraft - Volume Alpha is the work of German composer and musician Daniel Rosenfeld. Using C418 as his moniker, Rosenfeld crafted the sweeping soundtrack and vibrant sound design which helped breathe life into Minecraft's voxel-based universe. Fans and critics were universally enamored with his beatless, nuanced electronic pieces upon release. Popular gaming site Kotaku named it among The Best Game Music of 2011, calling the music "remarkably soothing," and The Guardian has compared Rosenfeld's delicate piano and sparse ambient motifs to legendary artists Erik Satie and Brian Eno. In an interview feature with C418, Polygon distilled Volume Alpha to it's essence: "It's not bound by the retro aesthetic of Minecraft's graphics. It transcends them. The album is an attempt to uplift the combined game/music experience into the sublime."

Track listing:

  1. Subwoofer Lullaby
  2. Living Mice
  3. Moog City
  4. Haggstrom
  5. Minecraft
  6. Clark
  7. Mice on Venus
  8. Dry Hands
  9. Wet Hands
  10. Sweden
  11. Cat
  12. Danny