Pedro the Lion- Achilles Heel

Pedro the Lion- Achilles Heel

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Label: Jade Tree

Reissued 2018, Originally released 2004

“Achilles' Heel,” (2004) PEDRO THE LION's fifth album, is a hallmark for the band, a culmination of their previous work, and -- upon its release -- their best album to date. Breaking down the linear narratives of “The Only Reason I Feel Secure” and “Control” into broader concepts and themes that rely far less on storytelling and more on topical personal politics turns out to be a winning approach. Walking through the emotional fray of America's suburban ennui, DAVID BAZAN and company have built a beautiful and wavering mix of indie rock and country-folk. With some of the best songs of the band's career -- the classic, simple, country-tinged "Foregone Conclusions" and the lush, soaring "The Fleecing," for example. BAZAN is a master of this stuff, delving through the routine and ordinary for every drop of melancholy and poetry.

Track listing:

  1. Bands With Managers 
  2. Foregone Conclusions 
  3. The Fleecing 
  4. Discretion 
  5. Arizona 
  6. Keep Swinging 
  7. Transcontinental 
  8. I Do 
  9. A Simple Plan 
  10. Start Without Me 
  11. The Poison