Perturbator- Lustful Sacraments

Perturbator- Lustful Sacraments

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Label: Blood Music

Released 5/28/2021

Smash cyberpunk hit Perturbator crashed onto the scene with an insane force. A perfect rehash and improvement upon 1970s and 1980s analog synthesized film scores – recounting Escape from New York, Halloween, and Blade Runner – Perturbator became known as the face of dark synthwave. Further evolving into twilight experimentation with his darkest masterwork to date, Perturbator arrives with his highly-awaited fifth album “Lustful Sacraments.”

Track listing:

  1. Reaching Xanadu
  2. Lustful Sacraments
  3. Excess
  4. Secret Devotion
  5. Death Of The Soul
  6. The Other Place
  7. Dethroned Under a Funeral Haze
  8. Messalina, Messalina
  9. God Says