Peter Murphy- Cascade

Peter Murphy- Cascade

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Label: Beggars

Reissued 6/25/2021, Originally released 1995

Cascade is the fifth studio album by English musician Peter Murphy, originally released on 11 April 1995. Produced by Pascal Gabriel, it is Murphy's last album on Beggars Banquet and first album not to feature his backing band, The Hundred Men, which disbanded after Holy Smoke tour.

Track listing:

  1. Mirror To My Woman's Mind
  2. Subway
  3. Gliding Like A Whale
  4. Disappearing
  5. Mercy Rain
  6. I'll Fall With Your Knife
  7. The Scarlet Thing In You
  8. Sails Wave Goodbye
  9. Wild Birds Flock To Me
  10. Huuvola
  11. Cascade
  12. Mercy Rain (Production Rough Mix)*
  13. Gliding Like A Whale (Backing Track)*
  14. Sail On White (Backing Track)*
  15. Wish (Backing Track)*

*Bonus Tracks