Rachel's- Sea and the Bells

Rachel's- Sea and the Bells

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Label: Quarterstick

Released 1996

Originally released in 1996 and recorded between July 1995 and April 1996 in Chicago, New York City, and Louisville, Rachel's third full-length album features 17 musicians performing original compositions by Christian Frederickson, Jason Noble, and Rachel Grimes.

Track Listing:

  1. Rhine & Courtesan
  2. The Voyage of Camille
  3. Tea Merchants
  4. Lloyd's Register
  5. With More Air Than Words
  6. All Is Calm
  7. Cypress Branches
  8. The Sirens
  9. Night at Sea
  10. Letters Home
  11. To Rest Near You
  12. The Blue-Skinned Waltz
  13. His Eyes