Ramxes- Deep Crimson

Ramxes- Deep Crimson

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Label: Italians Do It Better

Released 2021

Do androids still dream of electric sheep? Introducing RAMXES—a dystopic cowboy hailing from the outskirts of Houston. His ferocious debut album, Deep Crimson, is out now via Italians Do It Better. It’s cybernetic head music for the blurry hours before dawn. Fusing the thematic vocabulary of Philip K. Dick & William Gibson, Ramxes effortlessly blends classic Chicago House with a hybrid of ‘80s horror, new wave, and early 1990’s industrial landscapes. The result is a mesmerizing vision of a future most likely trapped in the glitching dream of a video game avatar. Deep Crimson swiftly jumps from John Carpenter & Sinoia Caves to Frankie Knuckles, Nine Inch Nails, & Massive Attack, but never sits still long enough to get lost in any of them. His bold, genre-agnostic alchemy captures strands of their DNA, but engineers a world of his very own. Whiplashing the listener with a megaton of pressure, Ramxes floors the throttle & pushes the boundaries of what a synthesizer can do. Deep Crimson opens with a captivating menace, & raw funk obliterates sequencers pouring acid rain from the pixelated sky. That dirty swagger bleeds ultra-vivid hues. The album is a pulsating, serpentine strut through unfriendly terrain, sticking to you like wet Lycra. It’s a skittering download of Berlin 2200 AD, & with the right bionics, you might finally get into Berghain. Take the cosmic night drive on the shores of Neptune where purple light echoes rhythms just below the surface. Klaxons wail in the distance as your oxygen levels recede. It’s Destination Deep Crimson, & Ramxes is your guide through the chaos. This is the best night of your life where the distinction between “real” & simulation are an afterthought. Enjoy the ride.  

Track listing:

  1. Angels Egg
  2. Crimson Lover
  3. Jungle
  4. Bibliotech Virus
  5. Vibration
  6. Gozuki Pluto
  7. As The World Turns
  8. Mobile Suit
  9. Parasyte Maxim
  10. Emperor
  11. Neptune Drive
  12. Paradise Lost