Roger Daltrey- Can't Wait To See The Movie

Roger Daltrey- Can't Wait To See The Movie

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Label: Atlantic

Released 1987

Daltrey, who has proven with the Who he can pack a wallop vocally, reveals a kinder, gentler side of himself on Can't Wait to See the Movie. Instead of sounding like a revered musician, he announces himself like a sniveling school boy who has just parted ways with his first love. With the exception of "Lover's Storm," all the tunes come across as if he is holding back his natural fervor while spilling out aimless schlock about love and relationships. Knowing the potential that is harnessed within Daltrey, his half-hearted attempts at unleashing the pains built up by failed romances doesn't add up to much. Some uplifting sax played by Gary Barnacle keeps the album from being a total write-off as it surfaces here and there, but a lifeless array of synthesizers droning in the backdrop of every song nullifies even the smallest asset, while adding to the pretentiousness.

Track listing:

  1. Hearts Of Fire
  2. When The Thunder Comes
  3. Ready For Love
  4. Balance On Wires
  5. Miracle Of Love
  6. The Price Of Love
  7. The Heart Has Its Reasons
  8. Alone In The Night
  9. Lover's Storm
  10. Take Me Home