Roxy Music- Remixed

Roxy Music- Remixed

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Label: Virgin

Released 4/13/19


This exclusive double 12” edition grew out of mixes that were undertaken to celebrate the release of the Super Deluxe version Roxy Music’s debut album in spring 2018. Unused at the time, the mixes, overseen from Bryan Ferry’s London HQ, celebrate the essential otherworldliness of Roxy Music’s space age vision, stardate 1972. This strictly limited double 12” features out-takes of Karl Stoecker’s legendary photo-session from the debut and was mastered by Frank Arkwright at Abbey Road in Autumn 2018.

Track Listing:

  1. Ladytron (Idjut Boys Flange Bath Version) 5:56
  2. 2HB (Leftside Wobble Beatless Mix) 5:26
  3. Ladytron (Idjut Boys Golden Shrine Mix) 5:12
  4. Ladytron (Idjut Boys Golden Shrine Vocal Dub) 4:56
  5. Chance Meeting (Johnson Somerset Mix) 8:27
  6. Ladytron (Man Power Mix) 6:47
  7. Ladytron (Idjut Boys Golden Shrine Dub) 5:06