Silver Jews- American Water

Silver Jews- American Water

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Label: Drag City

Reissued 2018, Originally released 1998

'American Water' was first released two decades ago. Observing the time between then and now, the album has been half-speed mastered at Abbey Road to provide depth and nuance for all future vinyl listeners. The CD will continue to represent the perfection of the original 1998 master. And the cassette makes its debut, to provide an alternative aural time-stamp for intrepid audio voyagers who weren't there the first time around.

Track listing:

  1. Random Rules 3:54 
  2. Smith & Jones Forever 3:17
  3. Night Society 2:15 
  4. Federal Dust 3:58 
  5. People 4:41 
  6. Blue Arrangements 4:36 
  7. We Are Real 4:20 
  8. Send In The Clouds 5:22 
  9. Like Like The The The Death 3:58 
  10. Buckingham Rabbit 4:54 
  11. Honk If You're Lonely 2:44 
  12. The Wild Kindness 3:54