Steve Lacy- Gemini Rights

Steve Lacy- Gemini Rights

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Label: RCA

Released 11/4/2022

Gemini Rights is the second studio album by musician Steve Lacy. It follows Lacy's debut album Apollo XXI (2019), and was preceded by the singles "Mercury", "Bad Habit" and "Sunshine". The album includes guest appearances from Fousheé, and Lacy's The Internet bandmate, keyboardist Matt Martians. Incorporating a variety of genres, the album has been described as an amalgamation of indie rock and alternative R&B, with elements of funk, jazz, and psychedelia.

Track listing:

  1. Static
  2. Helmet
  3. Mercury
  4. Buttons
  5. Bad Habit
  6. 2gether - Interlude
  7. Cody Freestyle
  8. Amber
  9. Sunshine
  10. Give You The World