Suicidal Tendencies- Suicidal Tendencies

Suicidal Tendencies- Suicidal Tendencies

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Label: Frontier

Reissued, Originally released 1983

Fast, furious, and funny, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES' self-titled debut owed much more to hardcore punk than to the later hardcore/heavy metal hybrid they would become known for, but it's still quite possibly their best album. Mike Muir proves himself an articulate lyricist and commentator, delving into subjects like alienation, depression, and nonconformist politics with intelligence and humor. The band behind him is aggressive and speedy, but never sinks into an overly fast sonic blur. Contains the classic rant "Institutionalized."

Track Listing:

  1. Suicide's An Alternative / You'll Be Sorry 2:44
  2. Two Sided Politics 1:03
  3. I Shot The Devil 1:51  
  4. Subliminal 3:08
  5. Won't Fall In Love Today 0:59
  6. Institutionalized 3:49
  7. Memories Of Tomorrow 0:59
  8. Possessed 2:07
  9. I Saw Your Mommy... 4:52
  10. Fascist Pig 1:17
  11. I Want More 2:28
  12. Suicidal Failure 2:53