Swans- Soundtracks For The Blind
Swans- Soundtracks For The Blind

Swans- Soundtracks For The Blind

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Label: Young God

Reissued 2021, Originally released 1996

Soundtracks For the Blind was the last SWANS studio album released in 1996 prior to GIRA reforming the group in 2010. It was never released on vinyl, and has been the album most requested by fans to see a proper reissue. The package consists of four LPs in jackets enclosed in a slipcase box with a poster, insert and download card (which includes Die Tür Ist Zu). The box set is limited edition of 4,000 copies worldwide and once sold out will be followed later in 2018 by a gatefold LP version. The CD version features a repackage of the original digipak for the 1996 Atavistic release plus a bonus disc of the contemporaneous Die Tür Ist Zu EP (a German language version of some of the material from Soundtracks that also includes unique material) which was recently released for the first time on vinyl in the USA for Record Store Day 2018. 

Track listing:

  1. Red Velvet Corridor
  2. Helpless Child
  3. I Was a Prisoner in Your Skull
  4. Live Through Me
  5. Yum-Yab Killers
  6. The Beautiful Days
  7. Volcano
  8. Mellothumb
  9. All Lined Up
  10. Surrogate 2
  11. How They Suffer
  12. Animus
  13. Red Velvet Wound
  14. The Sound
  15. Her Mouth Is Filled with Honey
  16. Blood Section
  17. Hypogirl
  18. Minus Something
  19. Empathy
  20. I Love You This Much
  21. Yrp
  22. Fan's Lament
  23. Secret Friends
  24. The Final Sacrifice
  25. Yrp 2
  26. Surrogate Drone