Swim Ignorant Fire- Ancestral Motion
Swim Ignorant Fire- Ancestral Motion

Swim Ignorant Fire- Ancestral Motion

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Label: Swim Ignorant Fire

Released 11/11/2022

Loops of African Juju Witchcraft Dance, Chants from India, and percussive record grooves swirl together once again on a SP202 to form the new album Ancestral Motion. Where Bufo Alvarius was an esoteric diary of one man’s adventure through uncharted territory, Ancestral Motion metamorphoses further into a mystical conflict of light and dark. With a new group of travelers, polyrhythmia, pedal steel, bass clarinet, and lo-fi tropical magic guide the listener from warm sanctuaries of illumination to the adversarial pitch-darkness. Yea Big - Bass Clarinet, Ian Sheridan - Drums, Adam Pressley - Guitar, Nate Hahn - Pedal Steel. Ancestral Motion gives life to a rare fusion of tropical world music and improv jazz. Originally released on CD through Shimmering Moods, It is now available on cassette independently. FFO: Bitchin Bajas, Lawrence English, MuslimGauze, Golden Retriever, Paul Simon

Track listing:

  1. Unknown Drones
  2. Red Sand
  3. Grains From Sky
  4. Vistas
  5. The Toad Of Dawn
  6. Dark Sun
  7. Palms
  8. Portrait Of Lamia
  9. Lost Without Body
  10. Purgatory