Teenage Bottlerocket- Sick Sesh!

Teenage Bottlerocket- Sick Sesh!

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Label: Fat Wreck

Released 10/1/2021

It’s hard to believe pogo punks Teenage Bottlerocket (or TBR as the kids call them) formed over two decades ago. They’ve toured the world countless times. They kept the leather jacket-and-Converse look alive through an increasingly neon landscape. They’ve written songs about KISS, Top Gun and Minecraft. Hell, they’ve even been on CNN a few times! So please welcome back to the spotlight Wyoming’s own Teenage Bottlerocket, with their ninth album, the 12-track Sick Sesh! Recorded in November 2020 at the Blasting Room (the band’s eighth straight full-length with producer Andrew Berlin), Sick Sesh! is deliberately rougher around the edges than the last few TBR albums.

Track listing:

  1. Semi Truck
  2. You're Never Going Out Of Style
  3. Ghost Story
  4. Never Sing Along
  5. Strung Out On Stress
  6. Statistic
  7. Hello Dana
  8. Spend The Night
  9. The Squirrel
  10. Theoretical Reality
  11. Gorilla Warfare
  12. Moving On