The Appleseed Cast- Lost Songs

The Appleseed Cast- Lost Songs

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Label: Thirty Something

Reissued 11/11/2022, Originally released 2002

Fresh off the heels of their critically acclaimed 2xLP "Low Level Owl," The Appleseed Cast came back with nine tracks that carefully united old-school and new-school songwriting styles. "Lost Songs" combined the bitter emotional release of the band's earliest recordings and the meticulous soundscapes crafted through endless hours of studio time on more recent recordings. Now available again for the first time since 2015 on 180 gram vinyl with new artwork and illustrations by Zum Heimathafen in a heavy, deluxe sleeve, and rainbow foil partially applied to the front cover. Imported from Germany.

Track listing:

1. E To W
2. Peril Parts 1, 2 And 3
3. Novice
4. Facing North
5. Take
6. State N W/K
7. House On A Hill
8. Beach Gray
9. Novice Ambient Cannibalization