The B-52's- Mesopotamia
The B-52's- Mesopotamia

The B-52's- Mesopotamia

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Label: Warner

Reissued 10/21/2022, Originally released 1982

Reissue of the original 1982 EP. The vinyl will contain the US mixes that were on the original North American release. The B-52s are an American new wave band, formed in Athens, Georgia in 1976. Rooted in new wave and 1960s rock and roll, the group later covered many genres ranging from post-punk to pop rock. The "guy vs. gals" vocals of Schneider, Pierson, and Wilson, sometimes used in call and response style ("Strobe Light," "Private Idaho," and "Good Stuff"), are a trademark.

Track listing:

  1. Loveland 
  2. Deep Sleep 
  3. Mesopotamia 
  4. Cake 
  5. Throw That Beat In The Garbage Can 
  6. Nip It In The Bud