The Cure- Entreat Plus

The Cure- Entreat Plus

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Label: Rhino/Elektra

Reissued 2012, Originally released 2011

Originally released as a promo disc in 1990, the eight-track Entreat - recorded at London's Wembley Arena in July 1989 -was later released commercially in Europe. The expanded edition included with this year's reissue fleshes out the album to replicate a full live performance of 1989's epic Disintegration, with tracks remixed by Robert Smith - a sonic makeover that some fans have complained dampens Boris Williams' drumming.  Limited pressing of 5000 copies for RSD.

Track listing:

  1. Plainsong 
  2. Pictures of You 
  3. Closedown
  4. Lovesong 
  5. Last Dance 
  6. Lullaby 
  7. Fascination Street 
  8. Prayers for Rain 
  9. The Same Deep Water As You 
  10. Disintegration 
  11. Homesick 
  12. Untitled