The Lillingtons- The Too Late Show

The Lillingtons- The Too Late Show

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Label: Red Scare

Released 2006

They’re back and with the original lineup! Straight outta The Blasting Room, The Lillingtons have returned with an album chock full catchy hits. It’s classic Lillingtons: the Red Menace, alien invasions, double agent spies, and every other kinda B-movie hijinx you can think of. Their vivid imaginations are matched only by their ability to write dynamic and catchy punk rock ditties. The Lillingtons have indeed returned, and it’s never too late to see what the legend is made of!

Track listing:

  1. Gunbullet
  2. Target Earth
  3. All I Hear Is Static
  4. The Augur's Tale
  5. Mars Vs. Hollywood
  6. Do It U.S.S.R
  7. Zombies
  8. Vaporize My Brain
  9. Russian Attack
  10. Charlie Goes To Cambodia
  11. Stay Tuned