The Marvelettes- Sophisticated Soul

The Marvelettes- Sophisticated Soul

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Label: Motown / Tamla

Reissued 2019, Originally released 1968

Track listing:

  1. My Baby Must Be a Magician
  2. Destination: Anywhere (Nickolas Ashford, Valerie Simpson)
  3. I'm Gonna Hold on As Long As I Can (Frank Wilson, Lena Manns) (Lead Vocals By Ann Bogan)
  4. Here I Am Baby
  5. You're the One for Me Bobbyreachin' for Something I Can't Have (James Dean, Cato Weatherspoon, William Weatherspoon)
  6. Your Love Can Save Me (Nickolas Ashford, Valerie Simpson)
  7. You're the One
  8. Don't Make Hurting Me a Habit (James Jay Barnes, James Dean, William Weatherspoon)
  9. What's Easy for Two Is So Hard for One
  10. The Stranger (Ivy Jo Hunter)
  11. Someway, Somehow (Richard Morris, Sylvia Moy)