The Queers- Don't Back Down

The Queers- Don't Back Down

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Label: Hey Suburbia

Reissued 5/27/2022, Originally released 1996

Reissue, originally released in 1996. The last of The Queers' four albums recorded for Lookout! Records during the '90s, Don't Back Down is widely acclaimed as their absolute masterpiece, a perfect blend of equal parts Beach Boys, Ramones, Black Flag, and GG Allin. Produced by JJ Rassler and Mass Giorgini.

Track listing:

  1. No Tit
  2. Punk Rock Girls
  3. I'm Ok, You're Fucked
  4. Number One
  5. Don't Back Down
  6. I Only Drink Bud
  7. I Always Knew
  8. Born To Do Dishes
  9. Janelle, Janelle
  10. Brush Your Teeth
  11. Sidewalk Surfin' Girl
  12. Another Girl
  13. Love Love Love
  14. I Can't Get Over You