The Strokes- First Impressions Of Earth

The Strokes- First Impressions Of Earth

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Label: RCA

Released 2005

First Impressions of Earth is the third album from The STROKES, and its 14 songs form an extremely persuasive argument that The Strokes are no longer just the most important band of their generation, but also well on their way to becoming one of the world's biggest bands, period. Purchase of the STROKES album lands you a free copy of the “Juicebox” 7”. WOW!

Track Listing:

  1. You Only Live Once
  2. Juicebox
  3. Heart in a Cage
  4. Razorblade
  5. On the Other Side
  6. Vision of Division
  7. Ask Me Anything
  8. Electricityscape
  9. Killing Lies
  10. Fear of Sleep
  11. 15 Minutes
  12. Ize of the World
  13. Evening Sun
  14. Red Light