The Sword- Apocryphon (10th Anniversary Edition)

The Sword- Apocryphon (10th Anniversary Edition)

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Label: Craft

Reissued 12/16/2022, Originally released 2012

10th Anniversary Edition of The Sword's fourth studio album, Apocryphon, produced by J. Robbins and featuring the songs, "The Veil of Isis," "Cloak of Feathers," "Arcane Montane," and "The Hidden Masters." Pressed on Cosmic Yellow Swirl 180-gram vinyl.

Track listing:

  1. The Veil Of Isis
  2. Cloak Of Feathers
  3. Arcane Montane
  4. The Hidden Masters
  5. Dying Earth
  6. Execrator
  7. Seven Sisters
  8. Hawks & Serpents
  9. Eyes Of The Stormwitch
  10. Apocryphon