The Vandals- Peace Through Vandalism

The Vandals- Peace Through Vandalism

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Label: Kung Fu

Remastered 10/7/09, originally released 1982

The legendary debut EP from SoCal pop punk rabble rousers, The Vandals! Features The Vandals signature brand of light-hearted, often laugh-out-loud funny lyrics matched with no nonsense punk rock thrashing! Highlighted by "Urban Struggle", which received considerable airplay on KROQ, and the hilarious Pirates Of The Caribbean acid trip "Pirate's Life"! Peace thru Vandalism was released in 1982 by Epitaph Records. It was one of the first releases to be put out by the Epitaph label, founded in 1981 by Brett Gurewitz of Bad Religion. At the time of the EP's release, their humorous lyric angle was a somewhat novel concept, as most punk bands in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas focused on politics, social and personal issues in their music.

Track Listing:

  1. Wanna Be Mano
  2. Urban Struggle
  3. The Legend of Pat Brown
  4. Pirate's Life
  5. Anarchy Burger (Hold the Government)