The Weeknd- Thursday

The Weeknd- Thursday

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Label: XO / Republic

Released 2012

Thursday follows his critically acclaimed, Polaris Music Prize-nominated debut mixtape House of Balloons (2011). Its music incorporates downtempo, dubstep, dream pop, hip hop, rock and reggae styles. As with his previous works, Canadian producers Doc McKinney and Illangelo were responsible for production of the mixtape. Young Money artist Drake contributes guest vocals to the track "The Zone". Upon its release, Thursday received generally positive reviews from critics, who drew comparisons to House of Balloons. "Rolling Stone" and "The Birds Part 1" were released as buzz singles to precede the mixtape's release.

Track Listing:

  1. Lonely Star 5:49
  2. Life of the Party 4:57
  3. Thursday 5:19
  4. The Zone (Featuring Drake) 6:58
  5. The Birds Part 1 3:34
  6. The Birds Part 2 5:50
  7. Gone 8:07
  8. Rolling Stone 3:50
  9. Heaven or Las Vegas 5:53
  10. Valerie 4:46