The Who- BBC Sessions

The Who- BBC Sessions

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Label: Polydor

Released 2000

European Import

Vinyl LP pressing of this collection featuring tracks recorded for the venerable UK station over the course of five years. The tracks featured concentrate on the most powerful years of the bands career including four which have never been released before. 

Track listing:

  1. My Generation Radio 1 Jingle (Disc 01)
  2. Anyway, Anyway Anywhere
  3. Good Loving
  4. Just You and Me Darling
  5. Leaving Here
  6. My Generation
  7. The Good's Gone
  8. La, la, la, Lies
  9. Substitute
  10. Man with Money
  11. Dancing in the Street
  12. Disguises
  13. I'm a Boy
  14. Run, Run, Run
  15. Boris the Spider (Disc 02)
  16. Happy Jack
  17. See M Way
  18. Pictures of Lily
  19. A Quick One While He's Away
  20. Substitute 2
  21. The Seeker
  22. I'm Free
  23. Shaking All Over Spoonful Medley
  24. Relay
  25. Long Love Rock
  26. Boris the Spider Radio 1 Jungle