Tim Kasher- Middling Age

Tim Kasher- Middling Age

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Label: 15 Passenger

Released 8/12/2022

Middling Age is the 2022 album from indie rocker Tim Kasher, also known as the front man for Cursive and the Good Life. On his anticipated follow up to No Resolution, Kasher dives head on into the painful realities and struggles of navigating life as the years climb. Featured artists on the album include; Laure Jane Grace (Against Me!), Jeff Rosenstock, Jayson Gerycz (Cloud Nothings) and Macy Taylor (Bright Eyes, The Mystic Valley Band).

Track listing:

  1. Middling Age Anxiety Prologue 
  2. I Don't Think About You 
  3. What Are We Doing 
  4. The John Jouberts 
  5. 100 Ways To Paint A Bowl Of Limes 
  6. On My Knees 
  7. You Don’t Gotta Beat Yourself Up About It 
  8. Life Coach 
  9. Whisper Your Death Wish 
  10. Up And Cut Me Loose 
  11. Forever Of The Living Dead